You Can’t Avoid The Noid

Posted on 08. Aug, 2011 by in Blog

Domino’s has announced that they are bringing back “The Noid,” their old mascot best known for his annoying culinary capers.

The red devil? human? imp will make its return in the form of an arcade-style video game featured on Facebook. You must first “like” Domino’s page and then compete against the other free pizza hopefuls.

Domino’s will be awarding a free pizza coupon every minute to the player with the highest score for one week. Looks like Domino’s finally found a way to put the Noid to work!

Many might remember The Noid as a character on several different classic videogames.  In its first release on the Commodore, you were the pizza boy trying to avoid the Noid. In later versions by Capcom, you were the Noid trying to thwart the evil Mr. Green.

Not exactly sure where Domino’s is headed with this marketing campaign, but one can only imagine that this will spark a wave of ‘80s and ‘90s mascots coming back to life for their former employers.

Who’s next? Chester Cheetah? The 7up Cool Spot? Or maybe my favorite, Spuds Mackenzie.