World’s Largest Game Controller

Posted on 26. Jan, 2012 by in Blog

Do you ever wish that you could relive the scene from BIG where Tom Hanks jumps around on that giant keyboard?

Well, you might just have your chance—except instead of piano music, you could play a video game.

A group of engineering students from Delft University in the Netherlands has built the King of Oversized Gamepads by building the World’s Largest Game Controller.

The World’s Largest Game Controller is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller, and is roughly 30 times larger than the usual controller. It took the Delft team one month and $6,000 to build the NES controller.

Over 12 feet long and weighing over 265 pounds, this isn’t exactly the same controller you would throw down in frustration. In fact, it’s so large that it qualifies for the Guinness World Record for (what else) World’s Largest Game Controller.

To put it in perspective, you would have to stand 150 feet tall to make this controller appear a “normal size.”

The best part? It actually works! The World’s Largest Game Controller can be hooked up to a TV and played by jumping up and down on the keys.

The World’s Largest Game Controller was on display in London’s Liverpool Street station in celebration of the new Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition.