Want Some BurgerTime?

Posted on 09. Feb, 2012 by in Blog

If you’ve been hungry for some new adventures on your Wii, we’ve got just the thing you’ve been craving!

MonkeyPaw Games brings us a reimagined Nintendo favorite—BurgerTime World Tour. Based on the beloved 2D version BurgerTime, the culinary capers are back and crazier than ever.

Join Peter Pepper as he traverses the globe on his quest to find Hamburger Heaven. Do you best to escape from angry veggies and pickles through the 20 fun-filled levels.

Perhaps the coolest feature of BurgerTime World Tour is the rotational axis that allows you to see through the cylinder level, creating strategic elements for the fastest way to complete a burger.

Also notable is the fact that  Peter Pepper can throw enemies (AKA vegetables). Tossing an angry veggie will make it easier to make it easier to precisely drop an enemy into that burger—and earn the player bonus points too!

Get your retro classic game on! BurgerTime World Tour is available for download on WiiWare for 1,000 Wii points.

BurgerTime World Tour Features:

  • 3D rotating cylindrical environment
  • 4 culinary capitals of Cuisine Worlds
  • Over 20 fun-filled levels
  • Platforming and elevated retro gameplay