The phoenix project

Destroy asteroids to collect minerals. Upgrade your ship to survive 20 wave of enemy ships. Enemy carriers continue to build armored cruisers so shut them down quickly.
Warning one hit will kill you. no shields, no armor, no life bar.
The good news, your carrier can rebuild you for a price. The more upgraded your ship the more expensive death becomes.

The phoenix project Screenshots


Left and Right arrows: Rotate ship Up: Accelerate Down: Decelerate/Reverse D: Fire A:Special Weapon Space Bar: Boost Upgrades (all can be done in the pause menu) Ammunition: Increases the number of your bullets that can exist at one time. ‘S’ key Weapon power: The Damage done by your weapon (increase your Special weapons power to). ‘D’ key Boost speed: Increase your speed while boosting, hard to control but very effective in changing your direction. ‘Space bar’ Special upgrades: ‘A’ key Radar – red arrows to help you locate carriers. Beam upgrade – Three beams are better then one!! Tech. upgrade – efficient building practices allow the nanites to rebuild you with less minerals, and further upgrades are cheaper.


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