Q: I can’t play the games on What should I do?

A: may require your browser to have certain plugins. All of these plugins are free to download and you can get them here:

Q: I downloaded the plugin, but my game still won’t work. What do I do?

A: In some instances, using a different internet browser or updating your browser may fix the problem. Make sure you are using the current version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome to receive optimal performance.

Q: I’ve downloaded the plugins and updated my browser and the game still won’t play. What else can I do?

A: In rare cases, the game may be corrupt. Please message us at about the specific game and we will correct the matter as soon as possible.

Q: I’m looking for a certain game, how can I find it on

A: Please use our search function, located at the top right of the home page. If the desired game is not found, please make a request to and we’ll work on adding it to the site.

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