Nintendo Power Pulls The Plug

Posted on 02. Oct, 2012 by in Blog

After 24 years, one of the stalwarts of the old-school gaming press–Nintendo Power–has called it quits.

While younger gamers are more accustomed to getting their gaming news from professional and community-maintained online publications, those with memories of the glossy gaming gem will feel a particularly heartfelt loss.

Before publishing duties were given to Future, Nintendo Power was the sole North American mouthpiece of the gaming giant itself, thus making it the best Nintendo news source on the continent.

In the pre- and early Internet days of the late 80s and 90s, magazines like Nintendo Power were strategy guides, gaming newspapers, hype machines and gamer communities all rolled into one. They were also often the only way for Mario, Zelda and Megaman fans to get the A3 posters that adorned their bedroom walls.

Its significance as a hype-building tool was unrivalled, and Nintendo Power was a key driver of the launches of the Game Boy, SNES, and N64.

While it is certainly sad to see an old friend like Nintendo Power fall by the wayside, one has to say that it is not surprising given the challenges that face print media in 2012.

New Nintendo console and game launches are streamed live online, with full-length feature writeups available via a smartphone and a Twitter shortlink before there’s even time to warm up the printing press.

Even those Mario and Zelda posters are in every mall in the country now as gaming has become more mainstream. But, like yellowing copies of the magazine itself, the originals with the Nintendo Power logo in the bottom corner will continue to hold happy memories for the original NES generation.