A New Twist To Old Classic Game

Posted on 27. Mar, 2012 by in Blog

Twister—the bizarre board game that’s all about contorting yourself into funny forms—is about to take on a new shape.

Twister Dance adds the element of music and dance to the familiar color-matching game.

Confused? Think Simon meets Dance, Dance Revolution.

In Twister Dance, the floor mat and spinner have been replaced with a battery-operated console that plays music, while players dance around to find the matching (and moveable) colored spots.

So out with the familiar “left hand on red, right leg on green” and in comes something more modern and similar to the hit dancing video game Just Dance.

The Twister Dance console will feature 5 songs from current pop artists, including Ke$ha, Willow Smith and the ever-popular Britney Spears.

In fact, Miss Spears is expected to be featured prominently on Twister Dance packaging and television commercials.

Twister Dance can also be hooked up to your own music sources, allowing you to “get jiggy” with your favorite tunes.

Twister Dance is scheduled to debut in Fall 2012.