NBA 2K12: Dream Matchups Come True

Posted on 22. Nov, 2011 by in Blog

Basketball fans (including me!) are starved for some hardwood action. With the NBA lockout stuck in negotiation limbo, where do fans find their fill of hoops?

NBA2K12 might just have the answer. NBA 2K12 is releasing a Legends Showcase DLC that promises some awesome classic hardwood matchups. The downloadable add-on will be released after Thanksgiving and is $10.

NBA 2K12 already boasts NBA’s Greatest mode, where gamers are able to take control of some of the most iconic players in NBA history and put them against other classic and modern-day teams.

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and—my personal favorite—Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are some of the legends to grace the court. The 15 basketball legends featured in NBA 2K12 were meticulously recreated with an amazing level of detail, right down to their historically-accurate team uniforms and signature moves.

The downloadable content add-on will bring new features to the game, including 2 vs. 2 Teammate Challenge and 3 vs. 3 Era Challenge. The features also unlock all the players in the NBA’s Greatest mode for use in the NBA: Creating a Legend mode.

A few more legends are also added with the add-on content—Pistol Pete Maravich and Rick Barry to name a few.

So while the action may be paused on the actual basketball court, it can certainly continue on screen. And maybe NBA 2K12 can finally put a rest to the “greatest player of all time” debate.