Mario Tennis Open Is Swingin’ Fun

Posted on 09. Apr, 2012 by in Blog

Who doesn’t love a rousing game of Mario Tennis?

Mario Tennis Open is the latest installment of the Mario Tennis series, currently being developed for the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo has been tight-lipped about the details of Mario Tennis Open. However, many of the traditional basic elements from previous Mario Tennis games should be the same.

Of the rumored features, it is stated that Mario Tennis Open will have a gyroscope support and online multiplayer mode using the Nintendo Network.

Mario Tennis Open will also feature a series of mini-games—even one including cameos from favorite Super Mario Bros. characters.

Hit a tennis ball against a wall to unlock “Super Mario Tennis”, a mini-game where your character hits a tennis ball against the background of the original Mario Bros. game.

The tennis ball acts like Mario himself, breaking blocks, picking up power-ups and smashing Koopas. You can even activate “super” and “fire”  by hitting a mushroom or fire-flower respectively.

Super Mario Tennis is just one of four special games in Mario Tennis Open. The others include “Ring Shot”, “Galaxy Rally”, and “Ink Showdown”.