Linsanity Comes To NBA 2K12

Posted on 16. Feb, 2012 by in Blog

Basketball’s overnight sensation Jeremy Lin is now getting props in the virtual world too.

While Linsanity has gripped the hearts of basketball fans everywhere, NBA 2K12 was slightly behind the times.

NBA 2K12 was released prior to the explosion of the Knicks point guard onto the scene, and Lin garnered a ho-hum 56 (out of 99) rating.

Not wanting to disappoint Knicks gamers, NBA 2K12 will release a “Living Roster” update that bumps Lin up to a 69 rating—a whopping 13 point increase overall!

Some fans argue that even a 69 rating is too low, NBA 2K12 did the best it could to rank a player who has started only 7 games in his professional career.

While his stats are merely a small sample size, the Living Roster update does boost NBA 2K12’s playability. It gives the game a more dynamic Knicks team, which makes it a more popular choice for online gamers.

The Living Roster update may also include Lin in the pre-game broadcasts that usually star Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.

Do you think the Linsanity will ever end?