It’s Kirby! (Times Ten)

Posted on 12. Aug, 2011 by in Blog

Kirby’s Mass Attack is exactly that—a full-scale assault by the rotund, yet lovable, pink hero.

The game has Kirby split into ten miniature Kirbys roaming as a pack throughout each level.

With some fancy finger work on your Nintendo DS, you can control this band of Kirbys, while trying to conquer each level and keeping your population steady at 10 members.

Eating fruit can help you rebuild your pack of heroes, but beware of the evil “skullies” that appear on each level and try to reduce your numbers.

Nintendo is remaining tight-lipped about the remaining design beyond the demo they have released, although they do tout unlocked extras and repeated playthroughs.

Some critics have knocked the lacking graphics of the latest Kirby installment, one thing it does have is a classic Nintendo feel to it.

Personally, I always a place in my heart for the cute little pink puff!