Bond. James Bond: Reloaded

Posted on 08. Nov, 2011 by in Blog

In the eyes of many, Goldeneye is a legend with a legacy all its own—it cannot be substituted or replaced. Fans adore Goldeneye for N64 like they do their favorite actor who portrays James Bond (Sean Connery).

And just like the James Bond movie franchise, you want more action but you don’t want to see 007 lose his charm.

Luckily, the creators of Goldeneye 007: Reloaded were able to take a hint. Instead of making a direct remake of 1997 classic game, Activision crafted an entire new experience that still retained that Goldeneye, James Bond-y feel.

Admittedly that’s a big tuxedo to fill—but Reloaded’s high definition graphics new features definitely do justice to 007.

Obviously, the jump to the Wii system means a high definition console with better graphics. Reloaded’s visuals and light make for enjoyable and realistic game place.

Entirely new to this iteration is the MI6 Ops mode. It’s basically Reloaded‘s take on the challenge room concept. Missions will task you with defending consoles, stealthily taking down opponents or just maxing out the points on your license to kill by eliminating a predetermined of inept guards.

Multiplayer is markedly more grandiose with an array of customization details ranging from player limits to optional “paintball mode.” Plus the multiplayer cap doubles from 8 to 16.

So really only one question remains: shaken or stirred?