Galaga Remake Out of This World

Posted on 02. Aug, 2011 by in Blog

From the makers of classic arcade games, Namco Bandai, comes the latest installment—Galaga Legions DX updates the classic top-down shooter game with all kinds of bells and whistles.

Those familiar with the original Galaga, released in 1981, will notice that a lot has changed since those days. Galaga Legions takes only the core feature of the game—the top-down shooting—and tweaks all the rest.

Players must tackle wave after wave of space-faring aliens, firing a path through the enemies to eliminate boss creatures and set off chain reactions that can eliminate a whole squad.

The game features a Championship mode and nine separate attack levels. Each level can be cleared fairly quickly, so Galaga Legions is not exactly a “hard” game, but more for one’s entertainment (and perhaps nostalgia).

Galaga Legions DX is an addictive shooter game, even for the casual gamer. It’s available on the both Xbox Live and Playstation for a low price, so it’s worth the bucks for some quick entertainment.  Overall, another success in Namco Bandai’s arcade remake initiative.