Extreme Snake++

A unique and robust twist on the classical snake gaming experience. Hunt or be hunted!!

Extreme Snake++ Screenshots


Controls Mouse – Click on the snake’s head and hold in order to draw a path for the snake to follow Arrow Keys – Instantly switch the snake's direction to the corresponding direction (up/down/left/right) Instructions • Score the most amount of points possible by consuming bunnies to grow in size and/or by gathering laid Easter Eggs. • The blue circle around the prey designates the strike range. Draw a swift line directly to the prey while in this circle to strike. • The red circle designates the prey's detection range. The red meter at the lower-right corner indicates the bunny's awareness. • Once the awareness meter maxes out, points are deducted and the bunny will begin fleeing quickly away from the snake. • After successfully striking the prey, consume its corpse to grow. Move inside the green radius then draw a complete circle. • Grow up to 20 links total! After losing all three lives by touching the predators or touching your tail the game is over. • Submit your score after losing to see how well you stacked up against other players. Can you make it to the #1 slot? • Restore lives through consuming prey or gathering a Magic Easter Egg. Easter Eggs have a 20% chance of being magical. • New predators begin spawning when the snake is size 7, 9 and 10. The size of the snake is indicated in the lower-left corner.


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