Caine’s Arcade Sparks Viral Sensation

Posted on 18. Apr, 2012 by in Blog

What happens when you combine a nine-year-old’s imagination with a chance meeting with a filmmaker?

Apparently, a flash mob phenomenon and a college fund.

Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation building an elaborate arcade out of cardboard boxes found in his father’s used auto parts store.

For $1 for 2 turns or a $2 fun pass for 500 turns, you could play in Caine’s arcade full of elaborate homemade games. You could even redeem your dispensed tickets for prizes!

However, Caine’s arcade suffered from lack of foot traffic in the industrial East L.A. neighborhood, and seemed doomed.

Until filmmaker Nirvan Mullick stopped by the East L.A. auto parts store searching for a door handle for his 1996 Corolla.

Mullick got a dose of childhood imagination with this door handle, and decided to become Caine’s arcade’s first paying customer.

Impressed by the elaborate setup, Mullick got permission from Caine’s father to make a short documentary about the arcade. To get paying customers into the arcade, Mullick set up a surprise flash mob and filmed Caine’s reaction.

Suddenly Caine Monroy achieved viral fame, and raised close to $140,000 to date—all earmarked for college, of course.

Los Angelenos can visit the arcade, open every Saturday from 8am – 5pm. Visit the Caine’s Arcade website for more information, or to donate to the budding arcade owner.