Xbox Becomes One With The Force

Posted on 27. Jul, 2011 by in Blog

These are the droids you’re looking for.

In the latest attempt to tug at our heartstrings (and pry open our wallets), LucasArts and Xbox have unveiled the Kinect Star Wars bundle.

The Star Wars Kinect bundle is the latest offering from the dark side, grouping together the R2-D2 Xbox and white Kinect sensor, along with a gold controller, for R2’s droid buddy, C-3PO. The bundle also includes Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Adventures, just in case playing a Jedi ever loses its charm.

And if the R2-D2 Xbox’s sweet paint job isn’t enough, the console comes complete with his quirky chirps and droid sounds. What’s that R2? No, we don’t need to pay rent and we’ll buy this instead.

The 320GB special edition will be available December 31st for $449—a steal for those who have always wanted to live out their light-saber-wielding-dark-side-conquering Jedi fantasies.