Band’s Video Game Tribute Goes Viral

Posted on 23. Oct, 2012 by in Blog

Beer! Flag-waving! Large men running into each other at speed!

Each of these things played second fiddle on the football field last Sunday when, at halftime of the matchup between Ohio State and Nebraska, the Ohio State marching band took to the gridiron.

In an incredible mashup of video game legends, the over 200-strong band put together an impressive musical and visual display of over 25 years of gaming highlights in what is quite possibly the best marching band display of all time (well, we are biased!).

The Space Invaders intro lulls you into a false sense of security as, while it’s good, it doesn’t prepare you for just how amazing the next nine minutes are going to be.

When the band forms a pitch-sized Pokéball which transforms into Pikachu’s face, you suddenly realise that this is something else.

After some brief block arrangement with Tetris, Ohio State’s marching band spend the next few minutes running through a block-busting Super Mario montage (complete with ba-DING! sound effects) before paying tribute to Halo with a pulsating rendition of the theme music and perfectly formed stylised logo.

Zelda is next up, with quite possibly the finest giant, running Epona composed entirely of human beings that you will ever see.

As we reach the end of this epic level, Mario returns to drop that flag and enter the castle, though we never find out if the princess is inside this one.

As the ‘end credits’ roll, Pac Man shows up, is eaten by a ghost and the band simply form the words ‘GAME OVER’.

For every other marching band in the world, it certainly looks that way.  The gauntlet has been well and truly laid down.