A Shrine To The Digital Arts

Posted on 28. Dec, 2011 by in Blog

When you think of museums, what comes to mind? Stuffy buildings filled with fragile, historic artifacts, right?

Well, not this museum! The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) celebrates the great artistic medium of modern history—the computer.

What exactly is digital art? Since the computer is considered one of the main tools of artists today, digital art encompasses pretty much anything made on a computer. That includes photography, film, audio recordings, and of course, video games!

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment strives to elevate the work of digital artists to a level where casual users, or even those unfamiliar with the medium, can appreciate its glory.

The main focus of MADE is on video games—specifically, the artistry, craftsmanship and inspiration that go into the creation of such digital arts.

While many regard video games as “child’s play”, the creation of a video game is an intense process where concepts and sketches are turned into interactive works of art.

MADE is also working to create a living history of video gaming through their exhibits. Consoles and video games have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, and MADE wants to highlight such achievements.

Perhaps the best part of MADE’s exhibits is their interactive nature. Unlike a museum where everything is enshrined behind glass, MADE exhibits often feature functioning video games that are meant to be played and enjoyed.

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment is located in Oakland, California. Currently, the museum and exhibits are open only for tours, events and educational classes. However, the museum owners do hope to expand quickly into a larger space. Check their calendar for a rapidly growing list of events.

Please visit www.themade.org to learn more about MADE.